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About TeeLow

TeeLow is a rapper out of Ohio who uses music as a weapon to stigma and motivate others. His music is a direct reflection of the chaos that follows an individual who has a heightened sensitivity to the problems of the world, while trying to deal with problems of his own.
If you are a fan: you know the war cry is "No Surrender!" If you are a future fan, you will soon learn this.
Take a moment to enjoy the music. His albums often play out like a movie, or a book, meaning you will go on a journey with him thru his mind at the time, and many have felt uplifted or encouraged by the end. His aim has always been to inspire, and many have responded well to that.


So I'm always wondering how I can use music to continue to help and do good. 

and it hit me.

Why not try to tour the local bar/club scene and raise money for a cause at the same time?! 


The plan is to book as many shows as possible before December 20, then charge one dollar at the door, and use all the money collected to do something special for the holidays! I'm not exactly sure what just yet, I'm going to be reaching out in the next few weeks to find an organization or group that does holiday charity and work it out with them.

In my head I want to either purchase coats or toys for children. That's what I want to do. I think making a kids holiday special is just the ultimate! 

So, if you'd like to book TeeLow for a show at your venue, email my manager Dontay Robertson at and let's make it happen!


Dear Sandusky 2 


Dear Sandusky,

I guess this is letter two.
I just wanted to write to tell you that I'm so proud of you.
Community has been digging deep, and made a wonderful discovery
That the best way forward was to embrace recovery!
What is recovery? It means you get time back.
No not the past, life is one way you can't rewind that.
But you get the time that would have been been gone had you not got your mind back
Now you're knocking the door of your potential like "hello! Yes, I'm back!"
Never defeated. I see that in the eyes before me
They may know where you stand, but they'll never know your story.
And they don't need to, if they don't understand they won't know how to treat you
They change up, get nervous and avoid eye contact when they meet you.
That's because your strength, makes them uncomfortable
You made it thru a hell they don't ever wanna know
But with this moment we can turn this whole community over
teach them growth and positivity and lift them on our shoulders
There's no way that we can fail as long as we stay united
The wave of hope is coming and there's no reason to try and fight it
We're here. We're here with our message for them say it loud and clear!
Recovery is finally here.
Recovery is finally here.

Dear Bellevue 


Dear Bellevue,
This has been long overdue but no you were not forgotten
I've been following: the crime, and overdoses people dropping
At an alarming rate, from heroin Vicodin and OxyContin
Percocet, methadone and for those who believed in suboxone
I'm not sure if they're filling out prescription pads or a hit list
What is the difference between going to a dealers house or doctors visits?
Is it all just a business? It's getting harder for me to witness
Dead Facebook pages being tagged in memorial pictures
Another one down. Another one down. Another one down.
Code blue ER nurse get the Narcan out here now!
The effects almost immediately sending a user into withdrawal once more
They gotta make a choice be sick and clean or go back out and find a score
It's overwhelming. The problem is flooding all over the floor
 This is a massacre! I thought we were fighting a drug war
Bellevue I wanna help you, but only you can help you
 I don't know you enough to know what I should tell you
 But you gotta get serious and and tell yourself this is enough
Then go out and make a change show support and spread the love
Together you got this - and we all are right there with you
 Because we love you and we know we have the support that we can give you
Don't give up. Don't lose hope just hang on endure the storm
Because the time is coming when we'll fix this world and it'll be like we all were reborn

With all the love in the world, TeeLow

Dear Willard 


Dear Willard: May I have your attention?! There's No reason to be alarmed
I'm here to cause a disturbance, Not any harm
I'm here to talk about the drug that stereotypically goes in your arm
But it can also be prescribed by your doctor and picked up at the Pharm
You know, your Rite AIdes or drug marts
And for a lot of addicts that's where it all starts
So in the war awareness is a large part
So I'm here hoping I can appeal to your heart...

Dear Willard, For years you've been living under this occupation
Like Nazi Europe, and heroin was your concentration
As an American , Liberty is my obligation
So I had to come lend a hand to the operation!
Now may I speak to the congregation?
I said may I speak to the congregation?!
There's a group here who deserves accommodation
For their fight providing hope love and faith for the population
By their coordination they gathered a March
And that's not even the half, it's only the start
This community is waking up to the problem at hand
And see that they can't runaway cause it's all over the land
To say you aren't affected by it, is a tough excuse
We all know someone who knows someone who deals drug abuse
These people are mothers, teachers, and other cornerstones of the community
It's all too real. And there is no immunity.
So instead of casting blame, or trying to feel better by issuing shame
Let's remember our humanity: we're all the same
So I have faith in you, and hope you'll change
And a heart full of love because I understand your pain.

Willard keep fighting. You know my motto
No Surrender, raise a fist today and lend a hand tomorrow

Operation Boycott and Rehabilitation 

Operation Boycott and Rehabilitate 

Effective immediately - myself and others are calling on the state of Ohio to collectively boycott the purchase of Nike products and any subsidiary brands until a rehabilitation center with no less than 300 beds is built in Akron (Ohio). Other brands of Nike include: air max, Jordan brand, Lebron brand, Hurley, Converse, and many more. 

Why Nike? Earlier this year, news broke of a very large lifetime agreement between Lebron James and Nike for 1 billion dollars. While Lebron has certainly worked hard, made very savvy business moves, and has become a name worth this amount - we are hoping Nike will be just as invested in the city which he hails from. Akron, since July 5th, has seen 141 Overdoses - including 14 deaths. This number more than any other argument must be a clear and direct example for how desperately a true state of the art rehabilitation center is needed to combat the on going and ever rising crisis of heroin and opium related addictions.  

The Nike corporation has long been the symbol of health and fitness for so many, kids and adults - that is adults who grew up with Nike. This is not a boycott out of anger toward Nike, but the people of this state have supported Nike for generations and we would like to see the same support returned to us in a way that is needed now more than ever.  

So, to the people of Ohio, I ask that you stand with me to boycott Nike products now until they agree to help stand with us in our fight for the lives of those we love who are battling addiction. I believe I can speak for all of us when I say, we are tired of reading obituaries from people who have not lived long enough to have one.  

Peer pressure is often applied to drugs, that you'll be asked to do drugs because "it's cool," and many children feel they'll be uncool if they say no. Lets stand with those kids in another way. Being the kid without the new Jordan's or the newest gear can also make kids seem "uncool," and we get it - but let's make it cool to stand for something. Let's make it cool to be uncool, because it's the right thing to do. Let's make integrity cool. Let's make being drug free, and alive cool. Let's make communication and unity cool, because when it's cool to have those, you will have community. 

This is a war on drugs, and we've got to fight back. We can combat the power of drugs with love and compassion - I've seen it work time and time again.  

If you stand with us please use the hashtags ‪#‎OhioBoycott‬‪#‎BoycottForRehab‬ 

No Surrender, 


100k Facebook Views! 

Hey everyone! Long time without an update and I apologize sincerely. 

Honestly, trying to keep up with a website sucks lol 

But I try to do my best and a lot of times it just falls to the wayside. 

But to those who share my website and videos and music I REALLY appreciate it so much!

So to update quickly....


THIS IS A HUGE WIN FOR HEROIN AWARENESS! and i want to thank you all for your continued support and help in making sure we wake our communities up to these problems!

If you've kept up with the news, you know that we are no where close to solving this problem but I have to believe that we're doing a little better at the very least! We just have to try to keep up the momentum and bringing people up to speed on the gigantic drug problem we are currently faced with. We need to bring more heads into our meetings to help provide other ideas for solutions. or more people with resources who are able to help NOW! WE NEED THEM!

Please keep spreading the word - it's so important. and if you can help someone - even by just inviting them to a meeting, or taking them to church, or just a few words of encouragement - it is so important that you do. Anything and everything helps. LOVE HELPS!!!

No Surrender,


Hotline Bling Parody (IM Bling)  

Do you remember AOL? or AIM? 

Remember how cool it was to send INSTANT messages? Which were... messages that instantaneously reached the intended reader?! 



Well I do. And I wrote a song all about it. Of course... making fun of Drake's Hotline Bling song too.

Actually, that song is a great song. It really is.

I also have a theory on that song I'll share.... later.

BUT! here is my parody video. IM Bling.

complete with all the nostalgic sounds you could ask for. 



You used to hit me up on IM 
Late night when you need my love 
Hit me up on IM 
late night when you need my love 
I know when that IM (sound) 
It can only mean one thing 
I know when that IM (sound 2x) 
It can only mean one thing 

ever since I got off MySpace you... 
Got a Facebook for yourself now 
Instagram private I feel left out 
All these followers you got me stressed out 
Ever since MySpace you 
Started vining less and now you snap more 
Twitter going off now who is that for? 
Getting tagged by girls I never seen before.... 


Ever since I got off MySpace you you you 
You and me we just don't talk at all 
Liking funny pictures we post on our wall 
Retweet and favorite but we not involved 
Ever since MySpace you 
Decided I ain't the one to wait for 
Girl I don't get what all that hate for 
Using a Netflix you don't pay for... 


these days all I do is, 
Wonder if you posting up that status for someone else 
Crushing hard, Trynna be the baddest for someone else 
Sending the same exact snaps off to someone else 
You don't need no one else 
You don't need nobody else, no 
Why you always bein tagged? 
Why your images bein flagged? 
How come when I follow you don't follow back? 
You should just be alone 
Don't let them lead you on

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