Dear America Press Release

    Dear America: Fight For Recovery 

                 Premier Party Press Release 

When: June 28th 8pm 

Where: Norwalk Reservoir Memorial Lake Park, Norwalk, OH 44857 

What?: An advanced screening party for “Dear America: Fight For Recovery,” - a the latest in a series of short films highlighting addiction.  

    Dear America, the latest episode of the Open Letter series, will have an advanced screening on June 28th 2017 before it is released to the public on July 2nd. 300 members of the community are expected to be in attendance.  

    What is the Open Letter series? This series started in January 2016 when rapper/speaker Antonio “TeeLow” Lopez  released a video called “Dear Sandusky,” that went locally viral - and followed it up with other videos like “Dear Norwalk,” “Dear Willard,” “Dear Bellevue,” “Dear Sandusky 2,” “Dear Ohio,” “Dear Santa,” all highlighting addiction, and lack of unity in the community. The purpose of these letters was to bring people together to work for a positive change - primarily tackling the opiate epidemic first.  

    These letters have a combined viewing total of 148,802 views and have sent TeeLow on a journey all across the state following advocates, rally’s, speaking in schools and performing his music. All while learning about different approaches, methods, opinions and networks.  

    This time, TeeLow took his message to the capitol of the nation to deliver it live on camera! He didn’t go alone either - he teamed up with Clyde’s MMA recovery advocate Richie Webber (founder: Fight For Recovery) and advocate Nate Kehlmeier from Genoa. These two individuals have worked tirelessly in their communities and wanted to help bring a message powerful enough to shake a nation into action!  

    Coming a little over 3 weeks off his most successful video to date,  clocking in over 140 thousand views and counting, TeeLow is prepared to release his video to an eager audience prepared to help carry the message and spread over the land.  

Recovery is worth fighting for!  

Please join us for this event and help us bring the message to the millions of people struggling.  





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