Bring TeeLow To Your School!

While rapping and creating videos is what TeeLow typically does to bring a message out there - he knows that a true impact comes from the face to face connections in the community! That's why he is passionate about speaking with the youth about mental health and giving an overall positive message about community, health, and the importance today plays in shaping tomorrow!

Below you will find articles that show TeeLow in the community and what he has accomplished as a result of his music - there is also a video from a short time slot he had when speaking at his local high school. 

If you're looking for someone who can connect with the students, someone who has been there, and someone who can deliver a message passionately on their level without imposing it on them - then look no further!

Please take a moment to look over the articles and watch the video - then consider reaching out to schedule a session!

"TeeLow gives the lowdown on drug epidemic," (2016)

"TeeLow's talent tackles city's drug problem," (2016)

"TeeLow times two," (2016)

"'Dear Norwalk' shines spotlight on city's drug problem,"  (2016)

"Three Men Rally In Nation's Capitol" (2017)

"#DearAmerica #FightForRecovery" (2017)

"'Not One More' Rally Gets Word Out" (2017)




Video Snippet Speaking At Edison High

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