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Hey everyone! Long time without an update and I apologize sincerely. 

Honestly, trying to keep up with a website sucks lol 

But I try to do my best and a lot of times it just falls to the wayside. 

But to those who share my website and videos and music I REALLY appreciate it so much!

So to update quickly....


THIS IS A HUGE WIN FOR HEROIN AWARENESS! and i want to thank you all for your continued support and help in making sure we wake our communities up to these problems!

If you've kept up with the news, you know that we are no where close to solving this problem but I have to believe that we're doing a little better at the very least! We just have to try to keep up the momentum and bringing people up to speed on the gigantic drug problem we are currently faced with. We need to bring more heads into our meetings to help provide other ideas for solutions. or more people with resources who are able to help NOW! WE NEED THEM!

Please keep spreading the word - it's so important. and if you can help someone - even by just inviting them to a meeting, or taking them to church, or just a few words of encouragement - it is so important that you do. Anything and everything helps. LOVE HELPS!!!

No Surrender,


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