Hotline Bling Parody (IM Bling) 

Do you remember AOL? or AIM? 

Remember how cool it was to send INSTANT messages? Which were... messages that instantaneously reached the intended reader?! 



Well I do. And I wrote a song all about it. Of course... making fun of Drake's Hotline Bling song too.

Actually, that song is a great song. It really is.

I also have a theory on that song I'll share.... later.

BUT! here is my parody video. IM Bling.

complete with all the nostalgic sounds you could ask for. 



You used to hit me up on IM 
Late night when you need my love 
Hit me up on IM 
late night when you need my love 
I know when that IM (sound) 
It can only mean one thing 
I know when that IM (sound 2x) 
It can only mean one thing 

ever since I got off MySpace you... 
Got a Facebook for yourself now 
Instagram private I feel left out 
All these followers you got me stressed out 
Ever since MySpace you 
Started vining less and now you snap more 
Twitter going off now who is that for? 
Getting tagged by girls I never seen before.... 


Ever since I got off MySpace you you you 
You and me we just don't talk at all 
Liking funny pictures we post on our wall 
Retweet and favorite but we not involved 
Ever since MySpace you 
Decided I ain't the one to wait for 
Girl I don't get what all that hate for 
Using a Netflix you don't pay for... 


these days all I do is, 
Wonder if you posting up that status for someone else 
Crushing hard, Trynna be the baddest for someone else 
Sending the same exact snaps off to someone else 
You don't need no one else 
You don't need nobody else, no 
Why you always bein tagged? 
Why your images bein flagged? 
How come when I follow you don't follow back? 
You should just be alone 
Don't let them lead you on

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