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My newest mixtape RANTT (Road Antonio Needed To Travel) is now available for free download on!

Audiomack also has a listener friendly app available for all devices - just search TeeLow after you sign up to download the mixtape!


RANTT is a compilation of music that I've been working on the last few years that I decided to release to help people get an understanding for where I'm at personally, professionally, and creatively. This is for the people who truly care about the music I make. This isn't for the average listener.So, for those of you who truly care about my music, mental health, and message - thank you! This is the best update I can give. 



Dear Sandusky 2 


Dear Sandusky,

I guess this is letter two.
I just wanted to write to tell you that I'm so proud of you.
Community has been digging deep, and made a wonderful discovery
That the best way forward was to embrace recovery!
What is recovery? It means you get time back.
No not the past, life is one way you can't rewind that.
But you get the time that would have been been gone had you not got your mind back
Now you're knocking the door of your potential like "hello! Yes, I'm back!"
Never defeated. I see that in the eyes before me
They may know where you stand, but they'll never know your story.
And they don't need to, if they don't understand they won't know how to treat you
They change up, get nervous and avoid eye contact when they meet you.
That's because your strength, makes them uncomfortable
You made it thru a hell they don't ever wanna know
But with this moment we can turn this whole community over
teach them growth and positivity and lift them on our shoulders
There's no way that we can fail as long as we stay united
The wave of hope is coming and there's no reason to try and fight it
We're here. We're here with our message for them say it loud and clear!
Recovery is finally here.
Recovery is finally here.

Hotline Bling Parody (IM Bling)  

Do you remember AOL? or AIM? 

Remember how cool it was to send INSTANT messages? Which were... messages that instantaneously reached the intended reader?! 



Well I do. And I wrote a song all about it. Of course... making fun of Drake's Hotline Bling song too.

Actually, that song is a great song. It really is.

I also have a theory on that song I'll share.... later.

BUT! here is my parody video. IM Bling.

complete with all the nostalgic sounds you could ask for. 



You used to hit me up on IM 
Late night when you need my love 
Hit me up on IM 
late night when you need my love 
I know when that IM (sound) 
It can only mean one thing 
I know when that IM (sound 2x) 
It can only mean one thing 

ever since I got off MySpace you... 
Got a Facebook for yourself now 
Instagram private I feel left out 
All these followers you got me stressed out 
Ever since MySpace you 
Started vining less and now you snap more 
Twitter going off now who is that for? 
Getting tagged by girls I never seen before.... 


Ever since I got off MySpace you you you 
You and me we just don't talk at all 
Liking funny pictures we post on our wall 
Retweet and favorite but we not involved 
Ever since MySpace you 
Decided I ain't the one to wait for 
Girl I don't get what all that hate for 
Using a Netflix you don't pay for... 


these days all I do is, 
Wonder if you posting up that status for someone else 
Crushing hard, Trynna be the baddest for someone else 
Sending the same exact snaps off to someone else 
You don't need no one else 
You don't need nobody else, no 
Why you always bein tagged? 
Why your images bein flagged? 
How come when I follow you don't follow back? 
You should just be alone 
Don't let them lead you on

Dear Sandusky 

This is something TeeLow has been working on since June 2015 - writing and rewriting. and rewriting. 

This comes from a deep sense of love and admiration for his hometown Sandusky, Ohio and the overwhelming sadness that comes with loving such a distressed area.  
Please take a moment to watch, LISTEN - and share with all you know.  

Also you can sign up to receive updates below.  


  Dear Sandusky, 

Seems like every other week I gotta read in disgust 
About overdoses and what these dealers feedin to us 
While we all up in arms about police we distrust 
I think there's a few other issues we need to discuss 
Like how all these kids are in need of a rush 
And parents can't be bothered, they all out of touch 
Maybe, they too, are in need of a crutch 
So it's all monkey see, monkey doin too much 
I grew up here it was always cool 
moms never cared where I was going to 
I'd be downtown all day or up at the park 
And she wouldn't get worried if it was a lil bit after dark 
Now the Streets becoming dangerous and the cops is watching 
House on the corner sells dope, the neighbors pushin suboxone 
Addicts and hustlers don't see no other option 
Is it the drugs or is the money the toxin? 
It's a disease, users can't be sober long 
If they're broke, they'll case a store for something to pawn 
If they're broke, they'll break into a place of residence 
Raid a cabinet for all their medicines 
I know it sucks, how life can break you 
But you can't go anywhere you won't let it take you 
You got hooked on the line but no one hates you 
You can still come back - but only you can save you 
Look, the ER is full and the EMT's are busy 
If you OD it's over, your life is history 
No longer front page, that news is old as you know what 
It's sad that we're more surprised by people who sobered up 
Add your name to that, do yourself the favor 
Make your best day now - stop thinking you'll get help later 
You have a few regrets, but that ain't gotta define you 
You're not you right now, incase I gotta remind you 
Gotta clear your head, only you can find you 
We see thru your excuses, so who are you really lyin to? 
I only want the best for you and yours 
And I'm more than willing to show you the doors 
But I gotta leave it up to you to turn that knob and enter 
You gotta fight for your life and there's No Surrender