Operation Boycott and Rehabilitation

Operation Boycott and Rehabilitate 

Effective immediately - myself and others are calling on the state of Ohio to collectively boycott the purchase of Nike products and any subsidiary brands until a rehabilitation center with no less than 300 beds is built in Akron (Ohio). Other brands of Nike include: air max, Jordan brand, Lebron brand, Hurley, Converse, and many more. 

Why Nike? Earlier this year, news broke of a very large lifetime agreement between Lebron James and Nike for 1 billion dollars. While Lebron has certainly worked hard, made very savvy business moves, and has become a name worth this amount - we are hoping Nike will be just as invested in the city which he hails from. Akron, since July 5th, has seen 141 Overdoses - including 14 deaths. This number more than any other argument must be a clear and direct example for how desperately a true state of the art rehabilitation center is needed to combat the on going and ever rising crisis of heroin and opium related addictions.  

The Nike corporation has long been the symbol of health and fitness for so many, kids and adults - that is adults who grew up with Nike. This is not a boycott out of anger toward Nike, but the people of this state have supported Nike for generations and we would like to see the same support returned to us in a way that is needed now more than ever.  

So, to the people of Ohio, I ask that you stand with me to boycott Nike products now until they agree to help stand with us in our fight for the lives of those we love who are battling addiction. I believe I can speak for all of us when I say, we are tired of reading obituaries from people who have not lived long enough to have one.  

Peer pressure is often applied to drugs, that you'll be asked to do drugs because "it's cool," and many children feel they'll be uncool if they say no. Lets stand with those kids in another way. Being the kid without the new Jordan's or the newest gear can also make kids seem "uncool," and we get it - but let's make it cool to stand for something. Let's make it cool to be uncool, because it's the right thing to do. Let's make integrity cool. Let's make being drug free, and alive cool. Let's make communication and unity cool, because when it's cool to have those, you will have community. 

This is a war on drugs, and we've got to fight back. We can combat the power of drugs with love and compassion - I've seen it work time and time again.  

If you stand with us please use the hashtags ‪#‎OhioBoycott‬‪#‎BoycottForRehab‬ 

No Surrender, 


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