New Song, Domestic Violence Awareness 


I'm extremely excited to announce the launch of my new PROFESSIONAL website! This is going to be a huge step forward and best of all, it's going to allow me to better communicate with you all thru these emails! 

I'm hoping to send out one a week, just to keep all my supporters updated on whats happening.

and while I'm on the subject... THANK YOU ALL for the incredible support so far! I appreciate all the feedback, plays, and shares you have all helped with!

So, to celebrate, I'm giving away my new song completely free to all my subscribers! 

This song is called "Let Go," and it was written as a message to women (and men) to have the courage to leave an abusive relationship. Life isn't worth that! This is actually a personal track for me because, well, the girl in the picture? That's my girlfriend. Before we even met, she was coming out of an extremely abusive relationship, something that has carried it's scars into ours. And part of the healing, she asked if I could write her story. I don't think I could write her story - at least right now - but I wrote this for her.

And I want to share it with you! We all know someone who has gone thru this - or is going thru it - and I believe that, that person could benefit from a little encouragement to leave. And if YOU are the person.... LEAVE! 

Thanks for all the support and I hope you enjoy this song. 

No Surrender,