Dear Bellevue


Dear Bellevue,
This has been long overdue but no you were not forgotten
I've been following: the crime, and overdoses people dropping
At an alarming rate, from heroin Vicodin and OxyContin
Percocet, methadone and for those who believed in suboxone
I'm not sure if they're filling out prescription pads or a hit list
What is the difference between going to a dealers house or doctors visits?
Is it all just a business? It's getting harder for me to witness
Dead Facebook pages being tagged in memorial pictures
Another one down. Another one down. Another one down.
Code blue ER nurse get the Narcan out here now!
The effects almost immediately sending a user into withdrawal once more
They gotta make a choice be sick and clean or go back out and find a score
It's overwhelming. The problem is flooding all over the floor
 This is a massacre! I thought we were fighting a drug war
Bellevue I wanna help you, but only you can help you
 I don't know you enough to know what I should tell you
 But you gotta get serious and and tell yourself this is enough
Then go out and make a change show support and spread the love
Together you got this - and we all are right there with you
 Because we love you and we know we have the support that we can give you
Don't give up. Don't lose hope just hang on endure the storm
Because the time is coming when we'll fix this world and it'll be like we all were reborn

With all the love in the world, TeeLow

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