Dear Willard


Dear Willard: May I have your attention?! There's No reason to be alarmed
I'm here to cause a disturbance, Not any harm
I'm here to talk about the drug that stereotypically goes in your arm
But it can also be prescribed by your doctor and picked up at the Pharm
You know, your Rite AIdes or drug marts
And for a lot of addicts that's where it all starts
So in the war awareness is a large part
So I'm here hoping I can appeal to your heart...

Dear Willard, For years you've been living under this occupation
Like Nazi Europe, and heroin was your concentration
As an American , Liberty is my obligation
So I had to come lend a hand to the operation!
Now may I speak to the congregation?
I said may I speak to the congregation?!
There's a group here who deserves accommodation
For their fight providing hope love and faith for the population
By their coordination they gathered a March
And that's not even the half, it's only the start
This community is waking up to the problem at hand
And see that they can't runaway cause it's all over the land
To say you aren't affected by it, is a tough excuse
We all know someone who knows someone who deals drug abuse
These people are mothers, teachers, and other cornerstones of the community
It's all too real. And there is no immunity.
So instead of casting blame, or trying to feel better by issuing shame
Let's remember our humanity: we're all the same
So I have faith in you, and hope you'll change
And a heart full of love because I understand your pain.

Willard keep fighting. You know my motto
No Surrender, raise a fist today and lend a hand tomorrow

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