Dear Sandusky 2


Dear Sandusky,

I guess this is letter two.
I just wanted to write to tell you that I'm so proud of you.
Community has been digging deep, and made a wonderful discovery
That the best way forward was to embrace recovery!
What is recovery? It means you get time back.
No not the past, life is one way you can't rewind that.
But you get the time that would have been been gone had you not got your mind back
Now you're knocking the door of your potential like "hello! Yes, I'm back!"
Never defeated. I see that in the eyes before me
They may know where you stand, but they'll never know your story.
And they don't need to, if they don't understand they won't know how to treat you
They change up, get nervous and avoid eye contact when they meet you.
That's because your strength, makes them uncomfortable
You made it thru a hell they don't ever wanna know
But with this moment we can turn this whole community over
teach them growth and positivity and lift them on our shoulders
There's no way that we can fail as long as we stay united
The wave of hope is coming and there's no reason to try and fight it
We're here. We're here with our message for them say it loud and clear!
Recovery is finally here.
Recovery is finally here.

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